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Ask the Tachibanas!

"Hello there! My name is Muneshige, and this is Ginchiyo."
"We've been asked to create a tumblr page where all of our fans can ask us questions."
"Yes, so please, don't be shy. I'm sure there are no questions the Tachibana cannot answer.'
Feb 25 '13

"I didn’t feel much pressure growing up, honestly. I don’t know if it was that I felt as though I could handle it all, or if it was because my father valued me both as his daughter and as his heir. My older brothers all died of disease when they were young, but I remained healthy, and Daddy made it very clear that he believed I was strong and brave enough to do anything. We were very close. The first time I ever felt the pressure cave in on me was right before he died…"

"Ever since then I have made it my life’s work to keep the promise I made to him. That is what pressures me the most. However, it also pushes me to continue on, no matter how great the cost."

Oct 28 '12

((just threw together a quick and dirty little tutorialish thing for you kinda, but dont just totally completely rely on me to show you!! try some other methods :D))

Oct 28 '12
Oct 21 '12

Oct 18 '12

Challenge! Draw your character with your opposite hand!






Oct 9 '12
Oct 8 '12

"Did you say something?"

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Oct 8 '12

"Whassup to you, as well, anon."

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Oct 8 '12

Oct 5 '12

"If you’re going to answer this question, you’re going to have to do it a different way!"

"Aw… Fine, I’ll start over."

((you said you wanted cuddles tho so heres a really old shippy sketch oop and heres another one))